We Protect Legacies Through Estate Planning And Probate

Planning for the future is never simple. If you own a farm or run a family business, it may be even more complex. Whether you are looking to put your wishes into writing or you need to begin succession planning, the attorneys at Tyson Heard, LLC, can help. We have the knowledge of the issues that affect the people of Mitchell County, Colquitt County and surrounding areas so that we can help you confidently make important decisions.

The Guidance And Knowledge You Need To Make Critical Choices

The decisions you make will likely impact everyone you love, so it is essential that the attorneys you work with have the Georgia agriculture legal experience and local knowledge necessary to provide guidance you can trust. Our attorneys were born and raised here, so we know our community and the people in it.

For our farming community members, our background in agriculture legal issues can help ensure that all of your life's hard work is sustained. Ways we can help you include:

  • Determining the valuation of farmland, crop bases and other farm assets
  • Safeguarding the decisions made regarding transferring property so that they align with any USDA programs your farm is currently enrolled
  • Understanding the options available when dividing assets among farming and non-farming family members

We can also assist local residents with estate planning needs such as:

  • Wills
  • Advance directives for health care (living wills)
  • Trusts

With the proper foresight and preparation, you can be proud of your plans for the next generation.

Start Planning Your Future Today

Whether you are ready to put your plans into action or need guidance on how to begin, we can help. Call us at 229-351-4947 or contact us via email.

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